Help Fund The Minimal Market Storefront!

Support the opening of the very first zero waste refill station in Las Vegas, Nevada

Zero-waste Alternatives for Sustainable Living

Minimal Market is owned and operated by three women: Alexandra Hamilton, Brie Lujan and Karla Howard. Our dream is to make the zero-waste lifestyle convenient for our local community and to inspire sustainable change that secures a green future for everyone.

What We Do

We offer a local delivery service so you can purchase essential products in refillable glass bottles which can be left out to be collected when empty, milk-man style! By expanding our service to include in person shopping, you'll be able to bring your own containers to fill up on products. This allows for you to reuse containers you already have and save money by filling up exactly how much you need.

It's a Refill Revolution!

Why We're Passionate

Nevada is one of the trashiest states in the country, literally. In 2019, Nevada created an average of 45.7 tons of garbage per person. We do not want to contribute to that figure. The linear consumer culture leaves many feeling that there is no other option and that waste unavoidable.

Minimal Market is here to provide alternative. Our closed-loop business model makes sure our customers are left with as little trash as possible. Helping you and our community create a clean future by minimizing waste.

We're Ready For The Next Step

Established in 2017, Minimal Market has operated as a pop-up shop and online store. We've expanded our local delivery service in 2019 which has allowed us to continue to serve our local community through Covid-19. Our loyal customer base has passionately supported us from the beginning and through a global pandemic. This means the world to us.

We are excited to take the next step and open our first official storefront! We are thrilled to become one of the neighbors at Fergusons Downtown located on 11th and Fremont street. 

We Need Your Help

We are humbly asking for donations to make this dream a reality. Donations will be be directly funding  building materials for a refill station, shop supplies, and ensuring we can provide a fully stocked sustainable shopping experience beginning Winter 2020!

Be a part of the change we wish to see and help us reach our goal of raising $5K to open Nevada's first zero-waste refill store! 

Thank You For Continued Support!